They’ve probably been purposely permitted to be: both indulgent and secretive at the same time of thought; been asking for a thunderously OVER-ambitious theme

“To make meaningful sense (of all of this) again!”
Been watching too-many-things with too-much-time put upon their raw-old and RAGING-hands. From all of this over-industrious AND constant consideration —- “some of them cannot e-v-e-n bother to manAGE to STAND it all-that-much anymore.”

Of, mostly, these spatially aware and utterly depersonalised things: SUCH AS, per say… a flamboyant way with weaponry words, with ALL sorts of interlinking literary interpretations cantankerously abounding, actuALLY!!

It IS a minute-by-minute, Wholly Descriptive AND RADicALLy QuickThinking summary of a most ArtisticALLy inclined atmosphere: created by He, “only EVER… set to make sEnSe of itself for We!” Especially