To actually try and compare it to anything would make utterly zero sense to anyone. It is, above anything else and all of the bullshit and themes, etc. that become attached to it, an overheating of the brain and, as a result, the circuitry system and how it does normally work has been severely cropped and crippled. It is all utter illogical stuff caught up in an utterly illogical loop-cycle of fear. But the story or stories which that fear attaches itself to with time could be absolutely anything. Anything. Anything!! And the reason it feels as real as real to the sufferer? Because these thoughts are occurring in the exact same part of the brain wirings wherein a balanced brain naturally sorts out these thoughts one from another – I.e. when to be anxious and when to move on, etc. So, basically you are talking about setting a cat amongst the pigeons in there and right at the centre-point of necessary balance. You are literally tasked and against your utter utter utter will with trying to defuse a bomb that doesn’t actually exist. Well, mentally it does, I mean it is an imbalance after all and, therefore, the mental anguish has to be real. However, thoughts come and go, that is just what they do. But with these thoughts, thoughts in an ocd sufferer’s brain, it becomes what feels like a ticking time bomb for them. Ultimately you need to let that bomb sizzle out and burn away to nothing. That’s what you have to do. All that you can do, but it does then feel exactly like you are choosing to not entertain thoughts that do need to be fixed. Remember, they are as real as anything to the sufferer. It’s still impossible to try and understand. Utterly impossible. But yeah. It is also a grade A class in learning how not to ever sweat the small things. Or anything. Or at least sweat it if that’s how a normal working brain might sweat it. Phew. It’s time to say goodbye to it for every single sufferer, that’s what they will tell themselves ever second of the day. Well, I dunno how badly any one person has been hit by it. Also, calling it a monster or whatever? It’s just an imbalance. Not a bloody living thing. That stuff would scare the shit out of any teenager who struggles.