Destination overload. They’ve seriously been thinking and it seems to should have been: a none-too-EGOTISTICAL endeavour

As we professionally PROcrastinate with our sense of self-expressive faith —
for we should have done something separate from the rest A LONG-TIME AGO, we should’ve REALLY(..)

Acted inhospitABLEONpurPOSE and CERTifiABLY: these wideAWAKE, stayAWAYpeople

Shrouded in befriended Bliss ACTuALLy— It HAS all-of-it been a Neanderthal Act. To m-i-s-s the a.i.m of the arrow IS to—>>

Narrow some sOURce of our VERY OWN truth// HOMEward bound(round2) for NOW, and not one more word to be spoken of anymore—…>>

‘Cept for US to Say It: “with our ears right widening and our eyes forEVER SHINING:: brighter, actually, than the Heat of the Burning Hot Sun.”

Only one: with a million different angles of aim
With her face set against the flame