Think I might have written enough poems for now

A fair few, a little something for everyone, perhaps?

In the beginning it seemed to be all about the rhyme

But not so much anymore

Of course it’s nice to rhyme, gives your poem something of an orderly chime


I will go ahead and hold up my hands, freely admitting to having been nothing but a rather presumptuous pup

For I took it entirely upon myself in stating that poetry was pretentious when really it never was

In fact,  as time rolls on I do find it quite a lot like prose

Except for it’s a shorter story that can tell people a whole lot more

As it turns out I like to write poetry as much as I like to write prose

Maybe even more!

I still believe that there are wholeheartedly no real rules

Rather it a job in itself the writer having to learn their trait properly

Isn’t that the only way that people are ever going to take to it

You pitted with vocabulary and an utter need to use it as well as you can

‘Til eventually you can smile hard, noting that you might have actually managed to match a few men who have written poems read in all of our school exams

My God, wouldn’t that be a fortunate conclusion to your oh so heady plans

Read as much or as little as you like

Take from this what you will

Because I know one thing above all else

That I am happy to take a step on up to the next level

Hopefully I can