An emblem of mixed up commotion, an ocean of metaphysical wherewithal and all other things of Decidedly dIsHeVeLeD and quick… thinking events.

Which take pride of pl(ace?), as her fallen face freezes… … … … … itself And for ALL of an unsuspected instance, as it will c h e c k (time AgAiN) on ALL of these ENDLESSLY SUGGESTIVE endeavours via THE UNDENIABLE delight of

The Rapid movement of her W I D E A w a k e. EYES!

Yes, she HAS been to the back-End of the WiLdFiRe imagination and f-e-l-t that Vivavious SeNsE of sensational tug

Of hope-FILLED requiem, and All other aforeMeNtIoNeD endeavours which w i l l N-E-V-E-R (EVER!!) cease… … … … … in causing her starry Eyed arrival to fend for Itself, to make Miraculous Sense!