They were sitting and staring at the state of their own fingernails and asking all the wrong kinds of rightly ambivalent questions (again!!) What they did do was they…

“Uttered another ten-thousand ramble-some words and at, Ahem, wonderfully playful and ChaOtiC PaCe(…)” Blessed IS THEIR heavenly face// fair ferocious and certainly..

An appearance of wayWaRd AND handsomely bliss: “we kissed them whilst they chose another, ahem… realm. Of rather realistic interplay and other

Gently ambiguous things.” We are not all that bothered at all anyMORE but beCAUSE… when the shoe is on the other person’s foot(?)

“Only THEN(!!!!!!) shall they know of the utter silence and spin of SurroundSound and, no less, n-o-i-s-e-l-y Instantaneous survival.”