Listening to Neil Gaiman on the radio
Now there’s a man – a writer – who simply goes with the flow
One hell of a flow it must be said
I wonder, does he inherit the same problems as myself on getting into bed
Does he worry about his next great piece
Whether or not it meets people half way, hits their literary spot
He has a calmness about him that makes me think
My God, maybe… perhaps he’s taken a drink
I do rather like the cut of his jib
The awards keeping coming but there’s something that makes the taste all the more appetising
Surprising with such a long line of work in the bank
And who is he all too prepared to thank
His publisher, his agent, his family and friends
He ain’t about sticking to any necessary trend
Maybe his next success all depends upon that taste
No need to perform a task with any particular haste
Let’s see just how good a preacher he is
Consider reading Unnatural Creatures