The sonuvabitch
He didn’t know what he was doing
Didn’t know left, right from centre
Took the entire bar with him
After that he hit the gym
Late on into the morning he called his friend Tim
& asked him to go for a walk so that they could talk
About his reckless life
Why he had no children, no wife
He wandered about the place aimlessly
It was a laughing joke
Especially when he hid out back of his house & had a toke
This sent him even more insane
Oh the utter disdain
When watching him fall about that tiny lane
His mother & his brother didn’t know what to do
Because when he ate his dinner he chewed & he chewed ‘
‘Til his belly was huge
A fat man with no real sense
Who wasn’t afraid to spend a pretty penny
When it came to hiring a prostitute & making her dance
He did this at home in front of his poor father
Oh the embarrassment
Most definitely when their youngest daughter returned home
Why was her brother this way
Was he paying for some sort of sin from a previous life
If so she figured he must have been vile, must have beaten his wife
Nobody should live like this
Know how he ended his day
Out that back lane aiming for the rhododendrons while taking a piss