They seem to make the most of it all


To absolutely set fire to the upper echelon bar – anything aside everything downright sickening aside bothersome caught crawling and finally poisoned – which holds this wishful thinking exterior, fair beautifully bound by happy-go lucky they

Are utterly accustomed to seeing a dutiful way out from inner beneath, and these screams are a wasted space in time

These painstakingly prioritised people, who have an incredibly earthly nature to gain… with nothing whatsoever to lose, dangled blood-dosed noose cut and cauterised ’til shy and problematically constrained eyes reawaken to realise

A behemothly inclined necessity altogether, to catch equally astute and flamed fire, positive persuasion a radiant regularity calling you back home all over again

This notoriously pressed against our better selves natural-born ability, to be bountifully bounce-back and deservedly worthy

We shall guard oneself and paralyse the meandered pain which holds no such gain… than to blind your world one inept and deceitfully thought out procedure in cranium-strain per over-analysed time

He’s fine, and he’s here to meet you right by the inviting middle, where decent people go to flock in upward-curved, twisted lip kind

This is The Unstitched Smile, and what comes with it bearing fruitful gifts is an undeniably suggestive foresight, to lend itself to sugar-coated delight 

At all of these intricate little pretty seismic things, which have concentratedly taken to blessing him, you are the collaborative puppeteers, sitting in his peripheral vision, whilst he steers the ship to shore all over again… again, a gain in marvellously impressive calm

A wave is a wave… and he dives right in

Because the sun shines just overhead, brand new horizon – isn’t it f**king blinding?

And to simply think, he saw it all before it ever truly started to set itself alight