This man has penned himself to literal death and only he can show it right by the outlandishly re-configured ‘page’ – there ain’t no certain payment, no guaranteed way, no nothing in fact and that will absolutely be the making of him indeed

Played with every single next piece of wayward seen-to-be over-analysed punctuation so as to find the rhyme

Either way story-boarded forth –>

And they shall take the time and say that he meant it more than anyone else out there, snared you right by your beautifully imaginative coattails

The snail-paced enthusiast has arrived and he will instil something, for one or another of you prettily invested people
Thank you kindly, for finding the break-the-grain rhyme when needs be intricately aside concentratedly a-calling

For we mean to forever gladly meet right by the readers courteous middle