A crazy character with a craaazy name is SpongeBob SquarePants
And what does he resemble – nothing but an artificial, rectangular, kitchen-type cleaning sponge clad in brown short-pants, a white shirt and a red tie
But how on earth did this little boy ever manage to catch our eye!?
We do wonder about this ALL of the time
You see, he lives in a pineapple house WAY underneath the sea
As I say – it’s all a little or a LOT craaazy!
And he works at Krusty Krab, a fast food restaurant with delicious food with his boss Eugene H. Krab – a mad-man who gets angered by his employee a helluva lot!
Then, when SpongeBob isn’t really working he gets to practice karate with Sandy as well as jellyfishing and blowing bubbles all day long with his best friend Patrick Star
He might be seen as weak and fragile but, really, I do think he is the true kind of the sea!
Patrick Star will often be called upon to fight his best friends battles
With a surefire temper all of his own there really is NO knowing what this terrible twosome might get up to next!
Of course, you can never forget Squidward Tentacles – an octopus with a large nose! And a sarcastic sense of humour but NO talent WHATSOEVER!
He dislikes SpongeBob something terrible and I think he kiiiinda wants him dead No, I don’t reeeeally think so, but the pair do OFTEN come nose to big, fat nose when working side by side at Krusty Krab
This is a fab story all about shenanigans going on underneath the sea, something that you and I might even like to experience one day!?
I mean, what would YOU do and say if you EVER got to meet SpongeBob and his friends?
Would you like to swim with them, or perhaps we gang up together and hit Squidward STRAIGHT in the face?
Perhaps tie his laces together ’til he falls in an ALMIGHTY octopus heap
Eight legs grabbing at this and that EVERY WHICH WAY!
Sandy Cheeks is the athletic one, no more, no less than a RODEO champion, I’ll have you know!
You see, she will always need to wear a diving suit to survive underwater because she is, of course, from the real world above!
Finally I think Gary The Snail is worth mentioning, SpongeBob’s absolute voice of reason
Able to tease him a little as well as helping when it comes to solving ALL of the problems that his owner cannot
For sure, more than anything else this amazing cartoon definitely hits the spot!