This room stood eerily still, a silenced beast engaged with a blue-boy of latter day antagonised behavings- and he SiNgs and He Will do a deathly dance In The Middle of the early-a.m. … hand-to-hand with all of NOONE ANYMORE!

And dark as HELL!!
“Yes.” This IS HIS FAVOURITE, MOST alarming and under-utilised place wherein… he confines himself to one single room corner, and RuminAteS of his past tense slaughter at the hands

Of a corrupt and complacent father of commonplace hatred, he who WILL pace FURIOUSLY within the vicinity of the other three corners and WIDE-EYE witness
His son’s Forever MenTaL a-s-p-h-y-x-i-a-t-i-o-n of an UNDEAD brain.

“Shame.” He could have been something so very blue and dutiFULLY UnIque… .. Instead, THE REMAINS OF a WaILiNg mouthpiece

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