She steadied it all for her wideAWAKE self/ as she understood that she had to—- make the moment of moments Amount to that MiraculousSense

Of being… able to stand and stir themselves and MANY-OTHERS-ELSE(!)
The narrative wasn’t in any particular way all thatGreatNorEasy, inDEED(.) and we will need to

Have a great day and week multiplied by the SkidS aND SliDeS of an other wide-asleep weekend..
“What we did though was, we unearthed another way to say— nothing all that noteworthy actually.”

There’s a StrongAndHonestDrying In the Ink-Of-Mind: and they shall ((finally))find… “all of these pedestrianised pathways to have been.. instrumentally magnanimous.. actually.”

It is(n’t) easily done in this MOST-modern-of-modern-most-days to achieve
Unequivocal brilliance, and it MAY be repetitive, INDEED, but please REMEMBER this——

“what they are doing with their time is: unexpectedly Unanticipated andDefinitelyDefiant and in the face of

Upside DownAdversity(.)” And there is a reason why(?) resilience bleeds Red and White Tears of WisdomNow. “POW, POW, P-O-W(!!!)”