If they did anything they did it with a sense for utter.. calmness actually. They did it although it hurts more than hell. They dug their heels in again and again and again… until

“Futility will win.” Instances though, of utter non-sensical-to-themHARDSHIP(!) It is impossible to paralyse another person’s mind without TurNing their own into a secondary thing of tertiary ownership.

We don’t rally around them to see them slip… and we WILL slip with them until—- it all makes …. said silly sense. “It’s understandable that they have lowered their EXPECTATIONS this time, or was it that: they occurred no such choice in the matter(?!)” We are

Indebted to them for their eagerness amidst U-T-T-E-R paralysis, it’s… a whole wide world of crushingly pained Imaginations CATCHING colossal FIRE… and she seems to’ve

… brought her brain to the other side of productive bEwIlder. It isn’t silly what they’ve seen, isn’t EVEN a thing for anyone else’s eyes:: “and why?”

“Did they not tell US precIsely how(?) they(!) felt(!!)” but probably because they were way too busy…. stringing a TEN MILLIONTH ZEN OF seNtenCe TogEther