They’ve been investing and waiting to create something. Utterly advantageous again //
Their besotted brains were actually acting back as far as barking mad ambivalence made idiosyncratic sense of itself. “We know where they’ve drawn the layabout line and it shall always

Carry its own set of irregular rules and that’s FINE.” Let us speak please, and let us live at large and criminally happy indeed. This took almost everything from them and in them.. to officially proceed..

Wits still pending: advancing ear holes still depending.. “on LISTENING.. to the people who say the sweetest, most honest to Goodness things.” We didn’t mean for it.. at all actually. And we will

Figure-ourselves-out: “one silent hit of thought per officially UnAnTaGoNisEd TiMe.” And Yes(!) there IS a meaning in the WaRbLiNg oF rHyMe- “it’s gonna be ******* fine.”