They play spontaneous games with themselves and all of the damneddest time, whilst, oftentimes, it will begin all over again… with that angular sense of peripheral exposure and photographic MISJUDGEment —

W-h-i-s-p-e-r-e-d and shared serenely amidst tHEse handsomely overreacting people .

Yes. This is ((fashionably)) wherein the elephant makes the room his ultimate centrepeACE of harsh-out-loud investment.. …

As a lack of comforting people simply squeezed inside ensures that things wILL inevitably tend tragicALLy toward digressing… from the form of normal animalistic passage at hand—-

These broken, down musicians and dEAThly enthused, posthumous (postHUMOUR-US!! rather) writers of unKINDLY quotation MARKS and left st-ill standing for themselves

YET A-Gain in involuntary HindSIGHT!!

As these carefree pathway$ of warbling and sincerely over-exposed spoken WORDS suddenly get to transFORMING the nextgreatCENTury of undeniably under-entitled entities

Into these both invaluable and unavailable assets … caught comfortably entrapped with-in the mother-effing !! CROSSfire, perhaps?