Untangling the utterly unmentioned it exactly where they were with their Delicate Big Fat Hearts Collapsing at the seams, when they

Rode yet another rollercoaster WaVe that’s why it took a Long, Arduous Time:: to turn the needle into a work of… unforgettable precision. This thread toward UTTER balance of brain… and it feels precisely THATway, even if

To gain a state of momentum takes
All of the day to S-T-A-Y wideAWAKE and remaining Dostoyevskian minded. They blinked and blinded themselves simultaneously

And we did not have to even anticipate their utter state of… bandage wrapped Happiness.

“It’s courageous and it’s hard as heaven, actually, for them to respect and reluctantly neglect— their scare-ful reflection.” What if… we whispered it

Hard and harsh and happy and spelt it all o-u-t like a DisasterPEACE WHICH will create its own natural state of

Undeniable and unREASONABLE SEDATION. It’s… manically magnificent actually, and certainly

— brought to mindful tale of task. And if the words were meant to cause anything alarming… then it was “their need to hug us HARD and SEEeverything _______—- in a strait and arrow~likeLine.” To the heart of mental mediocrity