They embraced the strain inside of their brains for one soul reason: to recuperate the truth of another turn of eventual EvEnT. Speaking with wildness at heART, their artistic personalities appear

To carry their very own standard of HALFhearted, actually, rules(.)
“We were utterly non-responsive fOoLs when we saw what we did to them in the start// to pockMARK their mindfulArt” was to have

Been viciously egotistical and certainly, ahem, relatively CERTIFIABLE.. probably. They can see everywhere and anything else which needed fixing: as they WiLdlY(!!!) s-p-r-i-n-t with their high-wired minds((andWords))

Not minding at all how they came aCROSS anymore. Blameless: “they were (nearly never..) adored and for a plethora of regularised reasons for sure—

The Pureness, though” of their tantalised hearts. And that(?) It HAS to have unearthed itself SO AS TO Suddenly-(fuuuuuckKnowsHOW!!!!)stART(… … …) from someplace spectacularly BrANDNEW. Although, if we truly knew what they’d been thru-

Then it’s UP to me&you:: “to PROVEjustHowMuchWeWereWorthToThem.” Ten times the strain of a drug addicts brain… and a hundred times the PAIN