Their seriously pierced to within an inch insides, and their starry-eyed mindsets: finding time to have endlessly(… …) occurred and at its own sense of awareness now. Essentially when—->>>

it ALL got swept UP&intoThe(DELIGHTFUL)depths of poetic-((IN))justiceAgain & W-A-Y back w-h-e-n ——) ) )

We DIDN’T need for it to make all sorts of mediocreSense// “and we weren’t EVEN-trying for anything else at-all-anymore but for” —

One or TOO MANY wArBlEoFWorDs in the kind, KIND, iRrEguLar mind of yet another BRAND NEW (old!!) soul, too. RelativelySane and certainly COMFORTABLYcertifiABLE, maybe . And, ToThink, “we didn’t even realise the amount of

Time we’d been spending- sending ourselvesToAnotheRplACE of irreparable and utterly brilliant awareness.” And what’s that thing called but for lining the insides of their tIcKeRTaPe MinDs with enough golddustTomakeIt aMUST(..)

… … .. When they trust(MUST.) in a broken down and desperately UpSiDeDOwN process that cannot but— alTeR tHeiR Stare&PreviouslyPrepare themselvesAgain for

—“automatic survival actually.” Autonomous, even. Yes. To impede them IS… to lose your state of self awareness, Graciously