They are the overbearing anomalies, the over-the-top and altruisTIC HyPocrItEs who have

Endlessly Relocated their own state of Perseverance and w-o-r-k-e-d it to the Bone(midst sawn-off Shotgun)

And when the girls get together ThemSelves And play-pretend.. and They falsely eLect-To-Be: hahahahaha-futuristicAgain, THAT is precisely WHEN—))

The drunken man’s (aforementioned) tIcS became/- mainly this ocd-ThInG (!) “Yeah, he’s an oddly shaped Individual of
Stubborn enthusiasm.” And it seems to f-e-e-l: unShaKeAblY ReAl, Actually(…) AND they s-e-e-m to seek to SHOULD-have-been..

“Trying to barkUP the WrongTreeENTIRELY.” And for twenty eight years of mindnumbing electricity