Contemplating creating again and they cannot seem to .. shall all OF THEM have to—-)) borrow another PERSON’S buckwheat brain and calculation and all for “WHAT(???)”

But the grand-ol’-price of considerate ANDconsiderableDesign.. . Where were we even, REALLY, but for EVERYwhere(?!?!?) else that CAN have had US— it is a serious and singularly secondary ANDtertiaryThing in=DEED

“And we are:: livingALaughALotLie.. oh, why, though(?)” have we NOT-YET-escaped theNest..

But because— “it was ALLOFIT(…) from effedUP makeBELIEVE, and even=if: they did softlyDigress, then

——- they just mUSt haveMostly upset themselves.” And for WhatTheF***(?) but to comfortably paralyse —>> “our seasonal eyes.”