He purposely broke the mould and caught crazy highlighted fire – these mistakes are problematically par for a wayward course til back upon a straight and narrow, wonderfully aligned line – was informed to do so very much

To touch the surface and to breathe with the rest of them, and to make amends for a decade best left forgotten, begotten by something outright unexplainable

He stands to deliver either way forth and can see something quite otherworldly

Matter of fact,
He has promised himself everything and relatively given it back unto himself – this pen tends to settle sorry souls which never took the time to unwind
No rewinding, crucifyingly reminding, because that can, and shall be the death of intricate little he

Once again – one step up and the barbaric fall multiplies it all
Prison sentence dereliction and we still assume to presume upright stood positioning

Why are you so fucking invisible, though!?

We need to stand up for ourselves and to see this person for his hurting worth, because individuality amidst, beneath, intrinsically interwoven and enveloped til clawed by strained This… is utterly unaccustomed to We

As much as plain ol’ He… has to take the time to bare his fruits and to flee the most deathly nest unimaginable

Yet, he does need this crucifixion to witness these uppertrust words and at breakneck paced speed – why can we not take his happy thoughts and gift wrap it all and at unanswerable persuasion

To the cause of an utmost wonderfully captivating life

He has welcomed in the demons and made them a friend as opposed to a sickly encumbered foe, so as to sit and drink and lavishly wine ‘n dine with the devil-horned ‘individual’, who thinks for him against his strongest will
Til it’s mind’s made itself up and lost the drive – when a nemesis becomes an altogether, all together, necessary friend

Ask him a ridiculous and highly unintelligible question again… and he will answer you in Wordsworth bullets through your stigmatised and utterly unlearned face

Yes, you breathe distaste