The BeLeAguEreD bewilder beneath their WrapAROUND~eyes and multiplied~minds said it all really; that what they’ve been to see~through is

Of FEW.. and far~between(..) You and me.. we are going to have to be on our best~DAMN~bloody~behaviour again, “or else(!!)”

what May happen (again) is JUST one~single~thing. The starving nature of a STAND-ALONE and strangely AtTrAcTiVe Stranger.. when they shall have to have been—-)))

Acting heroicALLY(!) akin to IronCLADHEROES(.) “Yet, we worship them and we WON’T.. want to (everAGAIN..)
Make mAlAdJuStEd~friends WITh the insides of ourDevelopmentalBrains(.. …)” Too long now? For them AND-us to BowDown

And watch the state of emaciated Inebriation m-a-k-e: MALinformedSense.

SIMPLY PUT:: we are just these whippersnapper people of marvellously incongruous intent, “and it is a fairly iNteNsE fEeLiNg, actually.” About as iNteNsE as the whole~wide~world’s MinD PuT STRENUOUSLY bAcK tOgeTHeR again.