They ended up entering in at a pace of persuasive bliss actually. They were and are still making molehills seem deliriously real actually. It’s the tiny little things of utter nonsense that can bring a heart to start again.

They were dipping in on another contemplative conversation – sensationally – “and dragging all of the wound UP words away —- from their automatic minds to his.” When we didn’t even seem too pleased with how she

___ Took the elevator on the wrong side of supernatural understandings actually. He is

Matching them side by side (again) and slicing their kind minds: “with either side of a mother Hubbard knife.” As their bOunCinG=bodies – bRoKeN=bRuTaLlY – land on a downslope, brains and brawn both cHoKeD and Left remote and UTTERLY alone

And prone to CONtrolling nothing at all else anyMORE: as she dances on the scope of floor beneath her choreographed feet, “please.”