They did take their own breaths away and at poised and persnickety pace, actually.. what we have altered AND seem to have, ahem…

Scene, is an ultimately upside down portrayal of utterly illogical cReaTion, UP until.. —

Their vagabond minds DID just THAT thing and brought their emotions and curiously courageous implementations perilously Back-Together. again

What she did/HE DID/they/We: is.. not all that imaginable actually(!) It would be something of a slaughterhouse suggestion to relinquish —-WhatHasToHaveGoneBeforeThem(… … …) noLess, it’s been a misPRONOUNced masterpiece

Because—- what they learned is to BreAthE with this SUPERior level of power AND PANACHE; and the panic NEED-NOT play its stand-apart.. part

And it NEEDS TO NOT— determinedly develop its own sickeningly (aforementioned) suggested-to-be skewed SenSe of

Manky-minded bliss. “This is it(!) We/They/She/HE— whoever it chooses to be.” And the pen Will FEND even if..

We are down on our knee—