imageTo be perfectly honest there can be no set style for my writing to fall under, it’s words no more no less, and if people can take something special from it then good on them. It will always change and as I am not one to stick to any set rules with this thing per se, then, like my decision to feck proper punctuation right here as well as often I’m sure in my poems, it will overall intrigue a reader I guess. English is hard to grasp, it can be extremely difficult to adhere to either owing to a laziness to learn it or an actual inability to learn it outright – I do think I fall somewhere in between the two of those and that will have to do. By the way, no it’s not just words at all actually, it’s a helluva lot more going on. I can fabricate fiction in a manner that bewilders simply because that’s what I see exactly when I watch something happening throughout my day. It’s fair to say that the configuration is pretty damn crazy and that of late I have been able to both hold and create a twenty line poem in my mind, say perhaps as I am on a night out while chatting and what not. If I told you how this manages to happen you really probably wouldn’t believe me. Most of the things I tell people that happen to me they think is bull or maybe again fabricated and should be kept for the page, but it’s not, I just open myself up to stuff and then the shit out there hits my fan 😉 The above quote just stood out at me as something that my parents always encouraged as well as believing it myself above anything else really.