They’ve entered into another thing now of late night earlyAM. …. humming and hawing. They’ve barely acted themselves just this one time. It’s. A survival. Technique perhaps(?) A daft and inspiring creative concoction of nonLITERARY installation ~~ to remember

How they awoke from the FRIGHT of their young ish lives really does REPLY AND reACT to

Its mesmerised insides:: by this greediness of ability to stake their NONSTOP-claim on everything Else which came —

“Suitably before us ALL, actually.” We cannot insult the broken+back=together person because their

Mind has and had and will’Ve been taken (again) to that place of

Calmly chaotic. Indeed, “they saw the whole thing and uttered Not One Single Simpering Of Word, Altho- that necessity to NOTknow

Still took its own breath away… .” And they pay for all these missed and mistakenly led astray OpPorTunItieS of theirs. It’s

eVeN a A … little bit tired of its own story and she’s even been BreaKinG herself back together gently+both+MENtally. It’s what we say when we s-a-w these

Beautifully true to you mIsTakEs. TAkE moodiness of place………. ….