Their Theory Of uNsCriPtED Intelligence. It Burns… .. BlueBlooded&BRIGHT(!!)

Yet, cAuTiOuSLy we seem to have CrEatEd unputdownable RhyThm, actually, that… boredom~sweeping endeavour which shall

~~~>> cause MenToBeMEN and women(?!).. well—-)) “to act frightFULLY fighting f-i-t and utterlyReadilyAvailable:: to break the banks to be here.”
They were dealing with dystopian disfiguration whenever she sits herself HOMELYandHonestly Back downAgain.. to

Hahahahaha~pen: “something so very elegantly faaaar from truth~seeking Reeeeeeach that we will, Anyhow, wish~her~fareWELL.”

And as her VAGUELY-disinterested mind careFULLY fuels itself to find another time, anoTHER place of Go~Through~It~ALLbli$$(!!) … .. we may as well retrace their PREPARATORY steps and readilyPrepOurSelve$

“To wAlK wItH oUr Penetrated State of IrRegUlaRBeWiLdEr… reeeeeally reeling at the seams

4)) and Yes?!)” it IS repetitively disFIGURED BUT SHEwill—-))

Figure~IN:::: one way to remain

“CONsistentlyCredibleAgain.” And according to all of the UpsideDown~RuLeS she Is No fOOl(..). In fact, she might just be what me might like to call—-)) “u-t-t-e-r-l-y OVER~it!!”