It’s an extremely exciting delight which took them there – they were overlooked and HURRIEDLY asking… for not much else to happen to themACTUALLY. It’s

A cyclical state of undeniable concentration and she shall — initiate all of these INSULAR things so as to

Become at-ONE with her own UTTER state of wise-old-Wisdom(!) We were focusing in on having the Best Time Of Our YounGBLOOD Lives when it all

Began to fall AND unRaVeL…
Detrimentally apART actually. And IF(!) there were in fact of cOURse other ways to say it then it had to

Feel= {ironclad and ReAl(!)}. Until then, and in The mother******* Meanwhile: “she’s a sugarcoated smile of determined understandings, and we like to think

That she’s been REALLY(!!) good at pretending to have been doing EVER-SO-well with every SINgle next thing.” Even if: “her smile had been singing in a million different dIrEcTiOnS, utterly Attempting to

Protect its projection from utter misunderSTANDING.”