To give up the scribbles for a little while might, in fact, be rather nice. A break from having to write all of the time, in a sense. If it’s in my mind it may as well be getting related onto the page, really. I love what I have come to have done and achieved with my style and it does seem to be a rather automatic thing now when it comes to my approach. But to stop would be fairly difficult actually. But I’ve perhaps ran my race for now with it. Done all that I could’ve hoped to do. It does need to be utilised more with time and regarding its… I supposed you can say commercial appeal. Not monetary appeal. That is what it is and not at all up to me or something that I want to entertain. Not right now anyhow. So, how about letting it alone for.. 🤔 a year? Challenge would be a fine thing but, as I say, it just isn’t that easy at all.