Of course there is a thread to it – and it’s called utter COMPLETE fabrication actually. That square-minded thing oF oft-than-NOT oDd little intelligent afterthoughts

“We really ought to underESTIMATE these other people if only for their 3rd-attempt at making mediocre sense OF THEMSELVES again(.) It’s been a seriously long and arduous smiiiiiiile that took its OWN time.. as she

Delicately DeVeLoPeD her own inner-ward sentences ANNND at prioritised pACE(!)” What they do is they a-c-t utterly able and, ALSO, utterly the opposite of that pARTicular THING in fACT(!!) They are — ~~

making themselves feel above-the
-beneath, actuALLY… … and like these beneficially benevolentPeople of pragmatic priorities.

“They are.”
“They were.”
“And they DEFINITELY will’Ve been … barking-up AND downAGAIN

a-whole-lotta abstractual-to-them tReES.” We

need NOT WoRrY anymore about their state of unapologetic proprietorship, “plEASE(?)” She’s been APPEARING: needle-thin and thick-as-two-thieves, if e-v-e-r she must’ve r-e-a-l-l-y pretended to’ve been

“Anything at all indeed LIKE A MASTERFUL VERSION of utter understanding.” Knife-edge, oh why: but solely because we really ought to have

Broken her mind down to a THOUSAND thankful little PIECES of perfectly opportune PI