I don’t know what to do next, impressed with the latest in a surprisingly long line of Irish poets crawling all too willingly out of the woodwork, forever frightened while facing their fear, the taste for things making it feel as though they are too near to turn right round
To be fair, I did eventually feel the outright need to seek them out, curdled tail between my legs, speak to them
He got his book deal and all, signed his soon-to-be synonymous signature above the dotted line, reeled Salmon Poetry right in
What do I have to do next, chew on a few other writers words for a time?
Sublime stuff, no doubt
Maybe I take myself on off to far more of these readings, put myself in the position where I manage to meet a publisher, give myself a real chance, shout it out to them exactly what it is my pen and I might want
Surely there is far too much font swimming about the place for, what I pray to God to be an approachable face to always and forever go unrecognised, for me not to feel a real part of this particular rat-race
No more disguising my ability, I need to be a little more instrumental in taking things to the next level
Slow your pace right down, that’s what he told me, the handsome poet who, when it came to his own ability, most certainly knew it
Is this it, my time to shine? Not only enter but win a few too many of these competitions, place myself in a lucrative situation where people cannot but feel the need to read, meet me half way in making my dream come true, knock oh so Goddamn hard on my front door, smiling rather creepily while also pleading for more
The best kind of creepy in the world, money talks
Truth told, my eyes are Goddamn sore, what with all of the writing
Then again, I’ve only myself to blame, having always invited it in, upon myself
All about getting that impending book deal, placing it upon my shelf
Pride wouldn’t be the word, the word, my friend, it would have to be absurd… a rather absurd recognition of my own craft
Daft, I know, but I really can’t be too sure ’til such time as a thousand and one hands decide to place themselves upon that door, I managing to well and truly go about flooring some publisher