You hold your hopes right by my everything and that will do just fine – thank you so kindly for being specifically dedicated

To we – recall it all and at wonderfully slowended pace

Bless your weathered face for it has seen many an outlandish aside bewilderingly thuggish thing, which brings only ever a treasured backbone

See, we sit to suit and that has to be forever fine,
We wine and dine like barded, bombastically creative storytellers, and our abrupt precision causes all kinds of upward-struck decisions

Even these people who question everything are all about willing… to meet us quarter way there
Our glass is dastardly half-full/theirs anything but able to make up the deafening difference

Sink or swim they decide for their merry selves, punch drunk on under-indulgence deluxe

The streak is simply magical either way they take to see it
Witness this and only ever this, my miraculously invested friend – bliss can magically, all too surprisingly happen, in a world turned wayward upside wrong