They can catch themselves mid-CONversation with fRiEnDs and play with their very only OverAmbitious eMotIonS as though- it were actually supposed

To have been this deliberate thing of identifiABLE bliss; “maybe they’ve altered n-O-t-H-i-n-G at-all and that appears to have been” —

The laughably Affable Problem with them all along and their u-t-t-e-r-l-y unTHINKABLE discretion because— words WOULD HAVE IT THAT: roundabout these playEAGER pARTS

Nearly aforementioned nothingWasEvenSupposedToMakeANYSuch Meaningful Sense OF ITSELF anYMoRe(..)

That’ll HAVE TO have been the shadow in the eveningtime of the AVERAGELY EXCEPTIONAL artists who ACTuALLy DO know.. how to decipher kindly between

Being… nailed to the angriest Of CHRIST(!!) almighty Crosses or just..
Imagining it all while our proud-as-PUNCH smiles start to act like these seriously sanguine AND transformative

— and of their (very) own circumspect and deliberately efffedUP vision
YES: “their precision is Not a necessity, actually, it never WAS such a trippy and triangular thing of underinvested intelligence