If there WAS A way to be beautiful again then.. we knew it better than anyone else of them there peripheral PeoPle can; we were… pausing and paused and impassioned by it ALL. Actually(..) if we did need it to have been

Another thing of tantalised admittance then, “they were… designing their own sense of spotlight intelligence. It’s the inner~ and Stay~put Sanctum Of Tantamount intellect, indeed, which sets US dramatically f-r-e-e.” And… at a pace of page~turning dissociation, we were

—->> highlighting the seemingly random and definitely Dostoyevskian ByNOW- the bowDOWN to yet another level of.. .. (??) A snore~fest, perhaps, albeit CERTainly Something else too(..)

“And with the next best negotiable thing we will —)) Dance THANKFUL&dostoyevskian— and of BLISS-FILLED schemings yet again.”