She’d never thought about this and that particular way. Never EVEN took time to mean its very own set of Substantial Awareness. When we altered the weight of nocturnal nature that’s precisely (the time) when(??) it all starts to gather together momentum. “There’s this epic feeling at the pit of our bellies and we seem..

Delighted at the distant State of reverberating… LOUDNESS, actually. And that’s… fine.” It’s..
Hahahahaha hilarious and it’s definitely a thing of course and cuss and cause and all things —
Hahahahaha wonderfully ambitious. “If

She saw what he created then she may well have just taken another tile~of~thought and speedily spread its WEIGHT..

Some other which way.” Safest NOT to say: of it all IF it made

Any SUCH sense at all anymore. We were cherished and admittedly ADORED:: for the state of our greatest experience/s knowingly MULTIPLIED AND often mutilated at the silly little seams.

.. “s/he was more than (n)ever before willing to do this particular thing— with her/his RAPID~personality placed immediately at the centre~point of

Nonnegotiable interrUPtion, actually . There might be a million and one facts to interfere with but..
there IS, softly sPEAKing, JUST1 which meant to matter the MOST amidst the mEaNdEr oF A Lifetime. No such crime in

Creating— “new and brand~old insight-fullness, indeed. We. Do. Wish. To. BrEaThE.” As though and IF.. the pace of anybody else. We seem to have a way

“Of saying: something none too consequential.”