In his own unasked way

Outright unabridged
Flighty, per say

Mightily motor-mouth-filled

– this treasure within, rather unabashedly instilled

To set
a so suddenly perched upon us scene – to storyboard ween at steady-handed, -headed will

That aroma-induced, extracurricular avenue
to narrow our quite descriptive literary way

Gold dust spectacular seriously specified by only so little as he

A gleaming path to radiate all of these travailed atop outrageously pacy things

To say what we may well have been to see

Keenly cut looking glass eyes prised like unassuming crazy

At first
At least

‘Til this thirst enthuses its flavour-filled everything

Ladies and sentimental men, here we have a transatlantic feast

Burst upon the reader’s lean on in
To analyse akin to none of our known business

Amidsr this Oh so pretty work of his
settles a hundred thousand equally stilled souls
who simply proposed to follow him immediately
From the weary-eyed beginning

When grimacing unsuspecting