We are waiting, swimming through the course of one another’s flamboyant being to make it all make crazy kinds of sense again – drenched in folklore turmoil, albeit no less destroyed
We take our fists and hands
And smile and dance ’til everything means everything
Weren’t you twisting your pretty little manicured fingers and toes and wishing upon a dream soon as I stepped on into your world
Absurd the stricken nature of our contemplative scripture, the fixture-list goes on
Strong enough to touch and relinquish all of these rather silly things, tell me when you’re ready to sing again and I’ll try to cause myself to stay awhile – herein lies the apple, now show me those notorious diamond eyes
Seems you’ve been waiting to stage a smile
Please, feel free to pile-drive this constant gaze upon me – safe to say you do realise I’ve been waiting for our wicker-work life to roll it’s slicker than dice, side by side, twice as nice