He recently opted upon ending it all
Sure the thought scared the life right from his every being, yet the other decision would be to live in unfathomable pain
They never, ever saw him, really, had to watch rather uncomfortably, altogether pityingly, while he shook and shuddered amidst unmitigated, whack out of place constrained silence – he always longed to talk, to cause them to heap over in hearty laughter
That was undeniably his natural born setting, only to be constantly upset by something quite outlandish and harrowing for its vomit – inducing worth
It does hurt when you cannot laugh, cannot step on into a real, unprovoked, free – willed existence
He tries to smile for one last time, to let them know that he was supposed to flow like peculiar crazy – his first smile in three whole years and he had to thank her beautiful soul in kind for at last giving him that