A theatrical play with, henceforth, hindsight hilarity: that emotional and comfortably CUTTHROAT asphyxiation named UTTER hemispherical portrayal—

A fitful and dutiful deCLUTTERING OF RACING bRAIN. Is it reALLy Brahms single-most master-peACE of Evil ?!

In peripheral remembrance of these Rembrandt people
Of musical inSINuation-both-inclined imagiNATION !!

When modern-day people of miraculous intent get to fiercely resemble: age-old & uniquely inhumane VENTriloquists—

Shared translucently-both-generationally between – a shrinking/singing v-i-o-l-i-n-i-s-t sensation: set to psychologically-both-physically remain egalitarian & Suitably In-sane

Of marvelloUS velocity .