I guess when you try to float the PoetArt ship with ocd onboard it may just be – unknown to anyone else cos, well, who can ever know what goes on in another’s mind – one of the most miraculous achievements in your whole life. Proud is an understatement. And sometimes that needs to be turned on yourself and said 😃 Honestly, and this isn’t meant to sound in any way cocky, but I just don’t think most people would have been able to get this far with something THAT excruciating. It’s… I just cannot imagine being able to eventually cope with this and, what is more, thrive in meeting my potential with the support of any other family. Still weird, still.. unfair, and still.. I will write til I can turn the whole literary landscape on its head somewhat 🥊 I have literally no idea where the resilience came from but.. HOLY-FUUUCK! Sorry @odriscoll.gearoid for the bad mouth 😉 Enjoy the 🧩

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