They asked for everything back actually; for the whole-WIDE landscape to set itself UPagain…

what’s been HAD TO HAVE gone before it all and EVERY OTHER cliche little clique known —- to all of the men. And women/ of mostly hospitable and DERIDED desires—-) they DO indeed

Drop their hands and fire – formallySPEAKING – sporadically from the Hip: forever able-faced E-Q-U-I-P-P-E-D, and it’s good to feel good AND great About All Of These beWILDERing oF Things

Which SinG:: shapeShIfTInGlY with=IN(!!)
“She’s been doing it good-and-grEAT and for SUCH A LONG AND arduoUS length of ((tonsil-hockey)) time” ——-

Terrifically sPEAKing, she’s a livid-SeEthInG MasTerPiEce and we have to admit— to IT

To having been, these ULTIMATELY headstrong individual$ with ALL of the aforeMENTIONED TIME in the fine ol’ land… …

To use our hEcTiCiTy Of HaNd::: to SHOW her how exactly