If we seemed idiotically disinterested then let’s call it a day, and week… and make hay whilst the moon reassumes an upstanding repositioning(!) It’s hella kinds-a hard to hold forth

With a pair of ego maniacs when they slither and slime their way uncontrollably back in again. It’s very, very enlightening to re realise… just how right They are at being idioticALLy wRoNg. And we have JUST joined combined forces to cause a SUDDEN lack of F-O-R-C-E-D insight actually, as she

Does a needless head over heels and spends her “wIlDnESs” of time: “blinding her upside down mind ~~~ ~ only in a mostly wonderfully monotonous manner actually.” And come to think of it

… “the deeper she sinks the realer she feels.”