What if, say, we didn’t do it any such IMMEDIACY of way, indeed; and we fed ourselves all via another such state of decidedly superior demeanour(?!) It IS an endless and ceaseLESSlY existential expression of a:

MOST-United-masterpiece, and she was really acting all awhile.. his smile said nothing-at-all anyMORE(!!)

We have endlessly tried to ceaselessly adore, the other-side of the nicest most Kindly e-a-r-n-e-s-t documentation of DiV-IdE..

The only thing that is tightened to the whole-wide falsest-of-truths is this::::: that THEIR particular TheOrY Of pLiGht has to have had its very own personal state of spatial awareness for utter DEPERSONALISATION… as she watches her own brain BEGGING itself

To remain— steady, FIXED, outfoxed(finALLy) AND FOCUSED.. these mile-a-minute toasts behind the back-ends of broken-down department-stores are NOBODIES business anymoreButFor OurOwn.

“As she drains her brain dry until… all that we can see are her artificial eyes, because what she has scene had to have been..

Utterly blinding—>not to mention her mind