I’m quite a lonely soul, or so they say
I’ve had my day but lost it all
A toast to all ‘n’ sundry
Those the very ones who watched me plunder by the end
Be oh so kind on the way up or that ladder of scope will crack soon as you decide to simply reconsider
As much as look on back
All in jest, lf course, but I did get a little or a lot greedy, an utter longing to impress the wrong kind of people entirely
And now I look oh so forward, only ever to see my particular poetic steeple under complete reconstruction
For another far more gracious poet, one with sensational atop courageously bashful bringings
They sing in her every honour, I’ll have you know!
So lose the pretence, my heavily acclimatised friend; for this I must apologise
And never, EVER build a fake empire
You see, I no longer got that fire burning up inside of my belly
I’m well ‘n’ truly spent
‘Fraid those rumours you hear of ain’t so real either; your Daddy, he was never heaven-sent
Seems he may well have clipped his very own wings
If they were, in fact, ever really there