We were truly trepidatious people and for many anUnknownReason: our hearts, as troubled as they were, have been blasted back… to that other ((beneficial)) realm

“Of making diamonds from blisters of gOLD=dust:When we justMust..” make ourselves f-e-e-l mesmerised (Again) and Rather ConTrarily:: “ReAl(?!?)”

And rarefied asHELL(!!)
There’s been.. this artificially obnoxious thing which seems to wish to sPEAK of its own homespun merits, indeed.

If we WERE to have a-c-t-e-d OUTWARDLY a-n-d against all of the oddest+oF+fUcKinG+oDd$ then “WhytheFuuuck(!!)” weren’t we ever informed

“As to our very own state of aforesaidBeneficialAwareness(?)” They’ve probably been devoting their undi—vided attentionAgain… … to these, ahem… totally otherThings, actually, and of seriously sentient sUrViVaL. Which way next for us, though, with our noses pressed SnifferDogAgainst: “This gentlemanly need for mildly mannerisms to PROceed, PROFESSionally.”