There’s another thing about ocd. And this is.. as big as the rest of the things, actually. It’s an entirely unseen mental thunderstorm inside of the sufferer’s head. It is… arguably utterly unmatched for its worth, as disgusting as that is. It’s… … life-altering, certainly, and definitely mind-*******. It’s… a lot of lot of things but, above all else, it will take a sufferer to the pit of their being whilst they use their still relatively intact intelligence to stay afloat. There are no medals for that. None whatsoever. But, truth is, to navigate that particular kind of a life deserves a level of respect so very profound that the sufferer should be shown such a thing. Endlessly. They will require it. The sufferer wants for nothing, really, except for a balance of brain. The comparisons? They are… fine and all for an outsider looking in on the illness. For the sufferer it is, of course, utterly different. Their perspective, the sufferer, I mean, is one of… detrimentally mental pain and anguish of thinking. There is physical and mental pain, but mental pain is utterly physical too, of course. However! To truly portray what OCD(chronic OCD) can do to a sufferer, would be to… take someone’s brain and to SHAKE IT ABOUT all the time, all day every day-and to let the sufferer try as they might best handle the hoped for eventual realignment of everything inside. For themselves. For everyone else, too, because whatever the other people see, the sufferer is achieving this state of… awareness and personality of mind MINUS the necessary faculties for them to think in a straight-line, for them to actually be able to make any sort of minutiae decisions. It’s a decidedly fucked-up AND dishevelled cornucopia of paralysing magnitude of mind and brain. That’s what it is. That’s what a sufferer has to deal with attending to attempting to allay whilst also, then.. waiting for their mind AND brain, please God, to eventually get a semblance of a balance so that they can continue on their day and week, etc. in getting to actually make normal-minded choices, whatever the outcome. It’s not even about the outcome. It’s about the mental goddamn mind-locking.