That glare of utter delirium

Of unannounced excitement
Of gained + gregarious elements of courteous both shared intelligence .

Of unaffiliated bodies of broken + ill albeit equally brilliant people (this time) — Those same sane individuals of implausibly impassioned intellect who can of course cotton on regardless of that

+ think about only one thing to do – to consider, create & sincerely achieve.. unnerving levels of perpetually momentous disobedience + by cutthroat + classical way of artistic ambivalence.

With ability for brains, Yes, they did indeed tend nervously toward utter + unrestricted levels of bewildered bedevilment

And, as daft as his agitated hand that cuts courageously across the face of the jaded canvas sometimes, is her wonderfully unaccustomed soul set to unequivocally become, softly predisposed

Once more

To this celebratory thing – called ‘To Cut A Visual Ribbon’