Utensils at the ready, I’m good to go
Added to that a life-size photo
As well as three of my favourite dresses, a werewolf
And here’s to my wardrobe and I stealing the show

For me Art can be the only way to go
Drawing, painting, whichever, really ‘til my piece starts showing something of a glow

The audience only ever take a real interest when the Artist is willing to put everything into their work
A million colours, a million images… the lot

That’s what I am here to do, mix and match in the most constructive fashion I see possible, with a little luck it coming together with plenty of passion
Going about it, giving you all something of an insight into my style
A style that sometimes feels more perfect than on other occasions

But sometimes, when it really matters, when you least expect it
Things can flock together quite like birds of a feather

Dresses drawn, werewolf coloured
Although still not a hundred percent sure
I guess that’s where you, the audience, comes in
Deciding whether or not my piece, one in a long line, is all that pure after all

Either way I am Liz Curran and I WILL stand tall!