They seem to feel this thing within all of we, and that should do just fantastically fine, and there will of course be those,
who get cut by the sword more oft than not

Yet to feel this pain can be all out gainful gain, and these people stand starry-eyed either way forth

Frozen by all of unrequited nothing much anymore

Restored back to immediately right where they treasure to forever belong
I fall in-love just a little bit every day with something new, someone knew me before it all made heady sense again

When the snow-capped mountains arise midst courageous clockwork – locked, stocked, ‘n’ leant blessedly against,
All of Us

Reach all of the peaks, please, if you will

And our crazily suggestive curtailments suddenly shrug and take to finally traipse,
immaculately away,
to next to utterly nothing in this whole snide-eyed world… ’til we tend to fend for only ever our friendly selves, ’tilted and leant perched midway sentimental insane
As the moon shall oft than not do
And take to taste some way soon,
within everyone

He is your one and only son and he will return,
at the break of every single newly accustomed lacklustre Sunday
– to the scene of each and every once-upon-a-time disembarked crime

Your love, it feels so good, and that’s what takes We higher than anyone else can ever fully fathom to push and pull themselves
Imagine –
The stretch ‘n’ tug extraordinaire
A star so bright it blinds my kind, kind kaleidoscopic eyes

Dear father, I am standing right here with my mind on the prize and this sawed-off shotgun mildly fallen away,
right by my wanderlust waist

These bullets hold only ever holes,
where the worst people in the world truly do belong

Please, tell me I am wrong to have spent all of that time inside,
Wherein I only ever needed to climb the bars created by my brain

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